Rachel Smith
Managing Director

Email: rachel@tradewindstowing.com  

Phone: 504-208-3003

When she was seven years old, Rachel and her family moved onto a 65’ tugboat where she was raised and homeschooled as they plied the U.S. east coast and the Caribbean. Rachel entertained herself during the many long days at sea by reading hundreds of novels, playing the piano, baking cakes that were lopsided according to the direction of the prevailing seas,  and playing poker with her siblings and the crew. She attended high school in the Commonwealth of Dominica and a border town in French Guiana. In 1985, she graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. After working in social services for eight years, Rachel joined her parents’ business in 1991 as Operations Manager where she coordinated vessel turnarounds in and out of ports around the world, and bid and managed commercial and government contracts. 

After a decade spent building up the family fleet, Rachel worked for several domestic and international businesses in maritime operations, sales and logistics.  In 2005 she and her brother Dominique founded TradeWinds Towing. She lives in New Orleans where she enjoys riding her bike everywhere to get around.