Capt. Dominique Smith


Phone: 504-208-3001

Named after the island of his birth, Dominique first went to sea when he was four months old on a journey towing down the Amazon River to Manaus, Brazil. He grew up on a 6000 hp tugboat which ranged worldwide. At fourteen, Dominique took over the engine room during a major storm to relieve the engineer who became unable to perform his duties. Two years he later became Chief Engineer and eventually worked his way into the wheelhouse, earning his Captain’s license as soon as he was legally eligible to sit for the exam. At the age of 23 he made his first trans-Atlantic crossing as Master of the ELSBETH II towing a disabled cargo ship from Venezuela to France. He spent most of his youth on a tugboat towing aircraft carriers, submarines, oil rigs, double tows and participating in numerous salvage/rescue operations.

In 2000, Dominique joined McAllister Towing as General Manager/VP of their Baltimore division, then returned to his parents’ business as Fleet Manager/VP, managing three ocean tugs and several barges working worldwide.

Dominique and his sister Rachel decided to form their own tugboat company in 2005. From a one-tug operation they have skillfully grown the company to its current seven vessels.  He brings extensive field experience from his years as Chief Engineer and then as Tugmaster to the management of the fleet, and frequently travels the world to scope out equipment and sites to ensure that all details have been considered before embarking on a project. This meticulous forethought and attention to detail has been a vital part of the company’s success.