5,750 HP / 81.75 Ton BP
ABS A1 Class Tug
Anchor Handling – Open Stern
US Flag / Jones Act Towing Vessel

Year built:1978
Life Extension: 2022
Builder: Main Iron Works
Hull and Machinery: ABS Class + A1 + Towing Service+AMS
Official #: 595553
IMO#: 7729502
Radio Call Sign: WDN4623

Main Engine: 2 x EMD 16-645-E7
Horsepower:Brake HP 5,750
Bollard Pull: 81.75 Tons
Marine Gears: 2 x Falk 3040, ratio 5:1
Propellers: Four-blade stainless steel
Kort Nozzles
Thrust Master Bow Thruster 250 HP

Towing Equipment:
Winch: SMATCO Double Drum Model 66 DAW200.
Waterfall type main towing and anchor-handling winch.
Main Tow Wire: 2400’ of 2-1/4” (56mm)
Anchor Handling Wire: 2000’ of 2-1/4” (56mm)
Open Stern: 100 ton capacity with stern roller; able to land 15 ton anchors
Shark Jaws/Tow Pins: Smith Berger 200 ton SWL
Anchor: 1500lb anchor, 7 shots of 1.5″ chain
Towing Hawser: Full compliment, various sizes
Bow capstan: Yes
Misc: Towing shackles, wire bridles, portable running barge lights

LOA:126.0’  (38.4m)
Breadth: 36.0’  (10.9m)
Draft:18.5’  (5.7m)
GRT Domestic: 195 tons
GRT Int’l: 528 tons
Range: 32 days towing / 60 days utility work
Berthing: 6 cabins, 10 berths

Diesel: 120,000 gal
Lube Oil: 3,528 gal
Potable Water: 10,500 gal

Radio, Navigation, Etc :
Equipped with modern electronics & alarm systems; Gyro compass;
Rosepoint ECS; KVH satellite phone and email.

Salvage Gear:
Diesel pumps: 2 x 3” trash pumps
Welding machine; 2 Line-throwing guns