3000 HP / 37.5 Ton BP
ABS Loadline
US Flag / Jones Act Towing Vessel

Year built: 1970, McDermott Shipyard; ABS Loadline
OFFICIAL #: 525754
IMO #: 7029548
Radio Call Sign: WDG 5399

Main Engine: 2 GM EMD 12-645-E2 Horsepower: 3,000 HP
Bollard Pull: 75,000 lbs (37.5 tons)
Marine Gears: 2 Lufkin RHS 2524, ratio 4.128:1 Propellers: 5 blades 103″ x 82″, Coolidge

ME Cooling: Fernstrum Keel Coolers Tug has shaft brakes
2 John Deere 99 KW Gen Units
1 John Deere 75 KW Aux Emer Gen

Towing Equipment:

Winch: Markey TDSD-32 Double Drum
Tow Wire: 2,200’ (51mm) x 2” IWRC
Tow Wire #2: 2,200’ (51mm) x 2” IWRC
Stern Roller: Hyd tow pins x 2 for tandem towing Towing Hawser: Full complement, various sizes Towing Gear: Towing shackles, wire bridles, portable running lights.
Bow winch with Plasma line for barge handling Anchor: 2,500 lbs w/8 shots of 1-3/8″ chain 1500 SWL lbs Deck Crane


LOA: 120′ (31.6m)
Breadth: 31′ (9.4m)
Draft: 13.5′ (4.1m)
GRT Domestic: 177 tons
GRT Int’l: 347 tons
Range: 40 days towing / 80 days utility work Berthing: 7 cabins, 9 berths

Diesel: 96,000 gal or 312MIT
Lube Oil : 1250 gal
Potable Water: 6,000 gal
Reverse Osmosis RACOR water maker

Radio, Navigation, Etc :

Equipped with modern electronics & alarm systems; Sperry Gyro Compass: Rosepoint ECS; Satellite phone and email; real time weather monitoring via Sirius Satellite

Firefighting System:
Fire Pump: Peabody-Barnes, Century 7.5 HP, 3″, 200 GPM
Three 1.5 x 65 ft. fire hoses
Fixed System: Kidde CO-2

Salvage Gear:
Diesel pump: 3’’ trash pump; Welding Machine;
1500 SWL lbs Deck Crane; Orville Hook for barge retrieval
2-Man hookah dive set and gear

US Flag/Jones Act Towing Vessel
Tug underwent life extension in 2000