Case Studies
Delivery of barge Chicago Bridge from Mobile, AL to Punta Arenas, Chile
TradeWinds contracted with a global heavy-lift company to deliver a 400’ x 100’ barge, the “Chicago Bridge” from Mobile to Punta Arenas, Chile for a transshipment project.  We worked closely with the customer in the weeks prior to departure. We loaned them our stock of Canal gear needed to fit out barges to fulfill Canal [...]
LURLINE tow, Seattle to Brownsville
In winter 2017, our tug HOLLYWOOD (now renamed CAITLIN) towed the 832’ x 92’ former Matson container ship LURLINE from Seattle to Brownsville, TX where the obsolete vessel would be recycled.  This would be the longest commercial dead ship tow ever to transit the Panama Canal locks, and would set a new record.  As of [...]